Customer Retention

We work with companies to create and execute top-performing customer retention strategies for their products and services. Our primary focus is to turn your customers into repeat buyers. There are four key principles within our customer retention Playbook: strategy, implementation, measurement and analysis.

Avg. increase in NPS score


Through our custom nurturing strategies, we saw an average increase of 7% of our client's NPS score.

Increase in customer lifetime value


Customer lifetime value increased by 73% thanks to automation and lead nurturing strategies.

Increase in revenue


Customer retention and nurturing strategies resulted in a 52% increase in revenue year on year.

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers

Deploy multiple retention strategies

We leverage customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty programmes, continued service delivery, and clear communication to build strong emotional connections with your customer base.

Maximise returns

Retain your existing customers, gather data points, and understand how to extract the maximum amount of ROI from your initial cost of sale.

Customer retention playbooks

Customer nurturing logo
Customer nurturing

We increase customer lifetime value and increase revenues by engaging with your customers with effective nurturing and automation strategies.

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Customer feedback strategy

We help you get actionable insights from your customers that enable you to deliver better experiences and improve your bottom line.

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If you’re serious about growing your sales, leads, and revenue then you need to use the right CRM.

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Customer Lifetime Value

By adopting omnichannel marketing techniques such as feedback surveys, value-added content and personalised drip campaigns, meaningful customer communications will enhance customer value.

It's all about the retention

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