Customer Feedback Strategy (NPS)

We help you get actionable insights from your customers that enable you to deliver better experiences and improve your bottom line. Introduce a robust customer feedback strategy and implement measurable customer experience management. We’ll run a data-led workshop to help you understand everything you need to know about keeping your customers happy, including what they will like, what they won't like and what they would like to see more of.

Increase in NPS score


We saw an average increase of 7% of our client's NPS score through our nurturing strategies.

Increase in customer lifetime value


Improved NPS scores helped increase the customer lifetime value of our client's key accounts by 73%.

Streamlined processes


Automating the feedback process enabled clients to improve their customer service processes.

We love our clients and we know you do too - main image

We love our clients and we know you do too

Customer experience at it’s finest

When it comes to customer feedback strategy, no two businesses are the same. Some want to find out how they're doing on social media, others want to know why clients are abandoning their shopping cart, and some just want a simple customer survey. Our growth team provides all of this and more, with our complete customer feedback strategy Playbook.

Focus areas

Automate user feedback:

We have the right workflows to automate the capturing of vital feedback from your users, whether they are staff members or customers.

Message testing:

We continuously A/B test workflows to improve messaging, user experience and design to drive feedback engagement.

Improve your NPS:

Forward-thinking organisations continuously strive to improve. Implementing a robust Net Promoter Score strategy can be a great way to collect important feedback.

Feedback management:

Collecting feedback is great, but that's just the start. Let us analyse and organise your feedback into clear and actionable insights.


Do you want to know what your customers really think?

Are you serious about generating a robust customer feedback strategy? Speak to our revenue growth specialists today.