Growth Sprints

We offer a hands-on, collaborative programme that will help you and your team uncover untapped opportunities for growth. Our growth sprint workshops combine growth hacking and design sprint methodologies, generating powerful results. We’ll bring your team together with our growth practitioners, marketers and strategists to co-create and test new growth ideas.

Increase in revenue


Our growth strategies generated a 68% upturn in revenue.

Revenue gains


97% of growth experiments resulted in increased revenue.

Operational efficiencies


Through our growth sprint methodologies, we improved operational efficiencies by 75%.

Focus areas

Identify operational inefficiencies:

A growth sprint will help your business to quickly identify operational inefficiencies. Having all key stakeholders collaborating in a controlled workshop environment enables us to solve critical business problems and ideate creative solutions.

Growth experiments:

We create a live environment for quick brainstorming which leverages data and technology from our proprietary toolkit. Growth Experiments entail key stakeholders working individually and together, to unlock all possible ideas.

Rapid prototyping:

Growth sprints create a setting that allows us to visualise and evaluate the functionality of new processes and products swiftly. This is an integral part of the workshop and may quickly become a staple component of your design and development process.

Marginal gains:

We value the growth that can be harnessed through the implementation of micro-efficiencies. We believe that small yet significant gains can lead to huge outcome improvements for many businesses, and have many examples of success.


Want to learn how to sprint faster?

Our revenue growth specialists are on hand to answer any questions you have regarding growth sprints. Contact us today.