Platform Migrations

When your current platform solution doesn’t meet the needs of your customers, it's time to migrate. We’ve been delivering successful, cost-effective technology migrations since 2003 and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver large-scale projects on time and within budget. We’re able to help you evaluate, plan and execute your migration with minimal impact on your business.

Avg. increase in revenue


By migrating several websites to new bespoke solutions, our digital transformation strategies resulted in a 73% increase in online revenue.

Enhanced efficiency


Over the last 12 months, our range of platform migrations helped our customers achieve their business goals.

Data integrity and security


All our platform migrations are done with data security and integrity in mind.

We'll move you between the clouds - main image

We'll move you between the clouds

Website & eCommerce platform migration experts

We’ll help you move your website to a better platform. We regularly re-platform businesses from popular SME systems like WordPress, WooCommerse and Drupal to enterprise-level systems like Magento and Laravel, where we can utilise modern code frameworks to fuel your growth. Our services include both front-end and back-end migrations to any of these platforms, custom development and much more.

Focus areas

Website migrations to new hosting and platforms:

Website migrations come in all shapes and sizes and often require planning for the movement of complex file systems which are attached to databases. Data integrity and security are at the forefront of our process mapping and are essential for businesses with an active community of members.

SEO migrations:

All of our platform migrations include above the line SEO consultancy to ensure no loss of rankings or traffic. We also include the migration and implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Server migrations:

If you are looking to transfer your current platform onto a faster and more reliable server solution, this is something we can support and execute on your behalf.

Functionality improvements:

Give your employees and users a better platform experience. We’ll carefully map out your new platform and include the very best functionality to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Faster load times and enhanced security are guaranteed with every migration.


Ready to take flight and start your migration?

Speak to our digital transformation specialists today to talk through your options for platform migration. The team is ready to help you scope your migration flight plan.